Chuggaaconroy (real name Emiliano Rodolfo "Emile" Rosales-Birou, born April 8, 1990) is a Let's Player and a main member of TheRunawayGuys alongside Jon and NintendoCapriSun.

TheRunawayGuys Edit

As a member of TheRunawayGuys Emile is considered the most annoying member with a combination of bad singing, bad puns, and rampant innuendos. A group of innuendos ended up causing a change of Emile's replacement for Donkey Kong in the official Mario Party 5 LP.

Trivia Edit

  • Emile usually annoys Jon by saying "Move faster Pokey". Jon normally fires back with comments about a specific Pikmin of Emile's.
    • One of them happened as a prank very early in Dokapon Kingdom (adding insult to injury with Emile being the red guy), followed by a Tim prank that gave Emile's character poo hair.
  • Jon once kicked Emile out of his house, having been playing that episode of the Brawl LP at Jon's house in Canada.