Mario Party 3 is the third game of the Mario Party series, and the third one played by The Runaway Guys. Compared to the previous two, Jon changed to Waluigi from Mario.

Events Edit

Party Boards Edit

Chilly Waters Edit

Winner: Emile (DK)

Deep Bloober Sea Edit

Winner: Tim (Yoshi)

Spiny Desert Edit

Winner: Tim (Yoshi)

Woody Woods Edit

Winner: Tim (Yoshi)

Creepy Cavern Edit

Winner: Jon (Waluigi)

Waluigi's Island Edit

Winner: Emile (DK)

Quotes Edit

  • "Too bad, WALUIGI TIME!" ~ Jon before the first board
  • "WHY THE THANK YOU?!?!" ~ Jon in Creepy Cavern not knowing he had just walked into Emile's plan
  • "OH FRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ~ Emile on remembering Jon's Plunder Chest in Waluigi's Island

Trivia Edit

  • Jon, on changing characters to Waluigi, only took one victory, and it was on what he dubbed the "most BS board" (including the memorable "WHY THE THANK YOU?!")
    • He got back at Emile for the Koopa Kard theft the next match, with the memorable Rude Awakening (stealing a Barter Box before Emile could use it on Wario with his "insurance policy" Plunder Chest).
    • Mario Party 3 is currently the only Mario Party Jon didn't win at least two boards. He went on to win fourteen of the nineteen boards across Mario Parties 4 through 6.
  • This is the first game to include both Waluigi and Daisy. Jon switched to Waluigi immediately, but Emile didn't change to Daisy until 5 (and after the events of a certain stream of Jon's) primarily because he could still be his usual character DK in both 3 and 4.
    • By 4, Daisy had been redesigned, having still used her original appearance in 3.