Princess Daisy, the princess of Sarasaland, is a character in the Mario series who has appeared in several Let's Plays of ProtonJon's collab with Chuggaaconroy and NintendoCapriSun, TheRunawayGuys. After initially being an AI character, a certain ProtonJon stream caused Daisy to become Emile's character for the Mario Party LPs starting with Mario Party 5.

Appearance Edit

When Daisy debuted in TRG with Mario Party 3 she was depicted with long orange hair and wore a yellow-and-white dress with a rose-colored crown and wrist-length gloves. Her redesign for the Gamecube gave her shorter hair, a yellow-and-orange dress based on the new dress Peach received in the same transition, a golden crown, wrist-length gloves, multiple flower-petal-embroidered gems (on her crown, earrings, and brooch), and deep orange high heels.

As an AI Edit

Daisy made her debut in the LP of Mario Party 3, alongside Waluigi (who Jon promptly changed to). She played as the AI character at Deep Bloober Sea, but was unsuccessful.

With her new design she followed up by entering Mario Party 4, and was again unsuccessful. Notably she caused a traffic jam in Tree Stomp allowing a trapped Jon to win.

The only time she did manage to actually win in a Mario Party game involving TheRunawayGuys it wasn't anywhere even close. A few comments of Emile's during that particular ProtonJon stream saw this match as her last appearance as an AI character.

Since the Stream Edit

When TheRunawayGuys started up their LP of Mario Party 5 Emile had no choice but to change characters as Donkey Kong was removed from the playable roster. The Stream saw Emile become Daisy instead of the originally intended Toad. This, however, didn't help her luck as the change saw Emile be shut out (everyone else - including the AI - won at least one board).

She continued as Emile's choice of character in Mario Party 6, but was again shut out (only thanks to a late run by Jon to steal E. Gadd's Garage from her).

Trivia Edit

  • Daisy saw the opposite of Mario's change when Emile was forced to change characters (going from AI to player where Mario went from player to AI).
  • Several times in Mario Party 5 and 6 multiple comments were made regarding her princess outfit of a dress and high heels (which also applied to Peach at Pirate Dream as Daisy's fellow princess was the AI for that match).
    • One in particular, early on in the Castaway Bay match, was worded in a way that referenced ballet heels.
  • Daisy made an appearance in a TRG Fortune Street video, controlled by Jon's now-fiancee Reese (who is also a redhead). Reese lost.