Yoshi is a character in the Super Mario franchise, as well as an entire species of dinosaur-like beings that Mario and friends can ride on in their adventures. In TRG multiplayer LPs, Yoshi is typically controlled by Tim.

Mario Party Edit

Tim selects Yoshi as his character for the first Mario Party game. Despite only winning once (and having negative Mini-Game Coins three times along the way) Tim still outscores the AI.

Mario Party 3 is where the Tim/Yoshi pairing is most successful, taking three of six main boards, all consecutively.

Mario Party 5, at which point Tim is the only member still using his original character (Jon had already switched to Waluigi and Emile was forced to switch from a removed DK), saw Tim take the first human victory of the LP at Rainbow Dream (having already lost to the AI at Toy Dream). It would be Tim and Yoshi, taking their first win in an even-numbered Mario Party in the process, to stop Jon and Waluigi's subsequent eight-board winning streak, winning at Snowflake Lake and then Castaway Bay on the trot - but then Jon would start up his third streak of three-plus.

Trivia Edit

  • Yoshi has been played as in more Mario Party LPs than any other character (Jon was Mario before changing to debutant Waluigi for 3, and Emile was DK before his removal from the playable roster forced a change, a certain ProtonJon stream seeing him pick Daisy and not the pre-planned Toad).
  • Yoshi, controlled by Tim, won the first TRG Fortune Street game to end with a bankrupt player. Already with a sizeable lead over Jon, Tim won when guest Tom Fawkes hit his mega-money space.
    • Funnily enough, a BSC match that also ended in bankruptcy was won when the bankrupt player rolled a 3. Jon's go-to character Waluigi was the beneficiary of that one. Even funnier, both bankrupt players were using Dragon Quest characters and the winners were using Mario ones. Throw in the fact both games involved Waluigi (who won the BSC game under the control of Ryan 'Anarchy' Scapelli) and Slime (Tom's character in the TRG bout), and the whole connection between the two bankruptcy-ended games could be considered a case of Illuminati.
    • Tom's bankruptcy adds insult to injury as one of the guys has won every Fortune Street match, mostly either Tim or Jon.
  • Jon, unknowingly correcting the play order to avoid going out of turn, gave up a turn to allow Tim to be Yoshi during the Subspace Emissary mode of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.